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   I.  Paul's greeting to Titus 1:1-4
  II.  The elders and the Cretans  1:5-16
       A.  The character of the elders 1:5-9
       B.  The character of the Cretans 1:10-16 
 III.  God's grace displayed within the church  2:1-10
       A.  Titus' duty to preach sound doctrine  2:1
       B.  Instructions for various age groups  2:2-16
       C.  The personal example of Titus  2:7,8
       D.  Exhortation to slaves  2:9,10
  IV.  God's grace displayed to all humanity  2:11-3:11
       A.  Instructions based on God's grace  2:11-14
       B.  Restating Titus' duties  2:15
       C.  Display of good works  3:1-11
   V.  Farewell instructions  3:12-15                                   

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