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   I.  Salutation 1:1-7
  II.  Thanksgiving prayer  1:8-17      
 III.  Righteousness needed  1:18-3:20
       A.  All people condemned  1:18-32
       B.  The Jews condemned  2:-3:8
       C.  Conclusion: All people condemned  3:9-20
  IV.  Righteousness imputed  3:21-5:21
       A.  Justification by faith explained  3:21-31
       B.  Justification by faith illustrated  4:1-25
       C.  Justification by faith enjoyed  5:1-11
       D.  Conclusion: All can be declared and made 
           righteous  5:12-21
   V.  Righteousness accomplished  6:1-8:39
       A.  First question: Will we sin so grace can be 
           displayed?  6:1-14
       B.  Second question: Will we sin because we are 
           under the law?  6:15-7:6
       C.  Third question: Is the law sin?  7:7-25
       D.  The way of sanctification  8:1-39
  VI.  Righteousness vindicated  9:1-11:36
       A.  Israel,s past: election  9:1-29
       B.  Israel's present: rejection  9:30-10:21
       C.  Israel's future: salvation  11:1-36
 VII.  Righteousness practiced  12:1-15:13
       A.  In the church  12:1-8
       B.  In society  12:9-21
       C.  Toward government  13:1-14
       D.  Toward other believers  14:1-15:13
VIII.  Paul's plans  15:14-33
  IX.  Conclusion and prayer  16:1-27                                   

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