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   I.  Introduction  1:1-20
       A.  Prologue  1:1-3
       B.  Salutation and doxology  1:4-8
       C.  The salvation of man and the churches  1:9-20
  II.  Letters to the seven churches of Asia  2:1-3:22
       A.  The church in Ephesus  2:1-7
       B.  The church in Smyrna  2:8-11
       C.  The church in Pergamos  2:12-17
       D.  The church in Thyatira 2:18-29
       E.  The church in Sardis  3:1-6
       F.  The church in Philadelphia  3:7-13
       G.  The church in Laodicea  3:14-22
 III.  Visions to the end of this age and the new heaven
           and earth  4:1-22:5
       A.  The heavenly throne room, sealed scroll, and
           the lamb  4:1-5:14
           1.  The scene around God's throne  4:1-11
           2.  The seven-sealed scroll and the triumphant Lamb  5:1-14
       B.  The opening of the seven seals  6:1-8
           1.  The first six seals: preparing for the day of God's
               wrath  6:1-17
           2.  The interlude: sealing of the 144,000  7:1-17
           3.  The seventh seal: silence in heaven 8:1
       C.  The sounding of the seven trumpets announcing 
               judgment  8:2-11:19
           1.  The angels, golden censer, and the prayers of the
               saints  8:2-5
           2.  The first six trumpets: intensifying destruction and 
               woe  8:9-9:21
           3.  Interlude: the little scroll and the two
               witnesses  10:1-11:14
           4.  The seventh trumpet: loud voices in heaven  11:15-19
       D.  The seven signs and characters before the final
               judgment  12:1-14:20
           1.  The mother of the Ruler and the dragon 12:1-17
           2.  The beasts from the sea and the earth  13:1-18
           3.  The Lamb and the 144,000  14:1-5
           4.  The climactic proclamation of the gospel  14:6-20
       E.  The seven bowl of the wrath of God  15:1-19:5
           1.  The seven angels with the bowls  15:1-8
           2.  The first six bowls: God's righteous wrath  16:1-16
           3.  The seventh bowl: climactic judgment on Babylon 16:17-21
           4.  The mother of harlots and the beast  17:1-18
           5.  The fall of Babylon the Great  18:1-19:5
       F.  The coming again and reign of the King of Kings 19:6-20:15
           1.  Announcing the marriage of the Lamb  19:6-10
           3.  Millennial reign of Christ  20:1-6
           4.  Final rebellion and destiny of Satan  20:7-10
           5.  Great white throne of judgment  20:11-15
       G.  The new heaven and earth and the New Jerusalem  21:-122:5
           1.  Proclaiming of the new eternal state  21:1-8
           2.  The glory of the New Jerusalem  21:9-27
           3.  The river of life and the tree of life: an eternal
               Eden  22:1-5
  IV.  Conclusion 22:6-21
       A.  The assurance of Christ's imminent return  22:6-15
       B.  The offer of the water of life  22:16-19
       C.  Benediction  22:20-21

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