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   I.  Salutation  1:1,2
  II.  Paul's prayers for the Philippians  1:3-11
       A.  Praise for the Philippians  1:3-11
       B.  Promise: Paul's confidence in Christ and His work  1:6,7
       C.  Prayer for the Philippians  1:8-11
 III.  Biography of Paul  1:12-26
       A.  Success in jail: the gospel proclaimed  1:12-18
       B.  Success in Jesus: Paul's determination to glorify
           Christ  1:19-26
  IV.  The body of the letter  1:27-4:9
       A.  Excellence in conduct  1:27-2:18
           1.  Privilege of suffering for Christ  1:27-30
           2.  Priority of submitting to others  2:1-4
           3.  Picture of Christ's humble suffering  2:5-11
           4.  Priority of sanctifying oneself  2:12-18
       B.  Examples of good conduct: Timothy and Epaphroditus  2:19-30
       C.  Example of commitment: Paul rejects the world for
           Christ  3:-21
       D.  Excellence in commitment: dedication to Christ  4:1-9
   V.  Blessings  4:10-23
       A.  For Paul  4:10-18
       B.  For the Philippians  4:19,20
       C.  Benediction and greetings  4:21-23                          
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