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   I.  The birth and preparation of the King  1:1-4:11
       A.  Jesus' birth and childhood  1:1-2:23
       B.  Jesus' preparation  3:1-4:11
  II.  Declaration of the Kings principles  4:14-7:29 
       A.  The beginning of Jesus' ministry  4:12-25
       B.  Kingdom principles: The sermon on the mount  5:1-7:29
           1.  The setting  5:1,2
           2.  The subjects of the kingdom of heaven  5:3-16
           3.  The explanation of genuine righteousness  5:17-7:12
           4.  Jesus' warnings  7:13-27
           5.  The peoples response  7:28,29
 III.  The manifestation of the King  8:1-11:1
       A.  Jesus' power: a collection of miracles  8:1-9:34
       B.  Jesus' presence: commissioning the disciples  9:35-11:1
  IV.  Opposition to the King  11:2-13.53
       A.  Rejection of Jesus  11:2-30
       B.  Opposition to Jesus  12:1-50
       C.  Jesus adapts to His opposition: the parables  13:1-53
   V.  The Kings reaction to opposition  13:54-19:2
       A.  Jesus' withdrawal  13:54-16:2
       B.  Jesus' instructions to His disciples  16:13-19:2
  VI.  The formal presentation and rejection of the King  19:3-25:46
       A.  Continued instruction of the disciples  19:3-20-34
       B.  The triumphal entry  21:1-17
       C.  The nation's rejection of the King  21:18-22:46
       D.  The Kings rejection of the nation  23:1-39
 VII.  Crucifixion and resurrection  26:1-28:20                        

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