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   I.  John the Baptist and Jesus  1:1-2:52
       A.  Dedication to Theophilus 1:1-4
       B.  Birth and childhood of John the Baptist and 
             Jesus  1:5-2:40
       C.  Jesus' childhood wisdom  2:42=53
  II.  Preparation for Christ's ministry  3:1-4:13
       A.  John the Baptist - the one who goes before  3:1-20
       B.  Jesus - the One who comes  3:21-4:13
 III.  Galilean ministry: the revelation of Jesus  4:14-9:50
       A.  Overview of Jesus' ministry  4:14-44
       B.  The gathering of the disciples  5:1-6:16
       C.  Jesus' sermon on the plain  6:17-49
       D.  First movements to faith  7:1-17
       E.  Questions about Jesus  7:18-8:3
       F.  Call to faith  8:4-9:17
       G.  Peter's confession and Jesus' instructions 
             concerning discipleship  9:18-50
  IV.  Journey to Jerusalem: Jewish rejection and the 
         New Way  9:51-19:44
       A.  Rejection at Sameria and the mission of 
             the seventy  9:51-10:24
       B.  Discipleship concerning one's neighbors, 
             Jesus and God  10:25-11:13
       C.  Controversies with the Pharisees, corrections, and 
             calls to trust  11:14-24
       D.  Discipleship: trusting God  12:1-48
       E.  Knowing the time: lesson on repentance and the 
             Kingdom  12:49=14:24
       F.  Discipleship in the face of rejection: 
             Commitment  14:25-32
       G.  Gods pursuit of sinners  15:1-32
       H.  Generosity with money and possessions  16:1-32
       I.  Lessons on false teachings, forgiveness, faith, 
             and service  17:1-10
       J.  Faith and the Kingdom of God  17:11-18:8
       K.  Humility and trusting all to the Father 18:9-31
       L.  Jesus' approach to Jerusalem  8:31-19:44
   V.  Jerusalem: the innocent slain and resurrected  19:4524:53
       A.  Controversy in Jerusalem  19:45-21:4 
       B.  Jesus' prediction of Jerusalem's destruction  21:5-38
       C.  The last supper and the last discourse  22:1-38
       D.  Jesus' betrayal, trial and death   22:39-23:56
       E.  The resurrection and ascension  24:1-53                      

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