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   I.  The system of sacrifices  1:1-7:38
       A.  The burnt offering  1:1-17
       B.  The grain offering  2:1-16
       C.  The peace offering  3:1-17
       D.  The sin offering 4:1-5:13
       E.  The trespass or reparation offering 5:14-6:7
  II.  Ordination of priests 8:1-10:20
       A.  Ordination of Aaron as high priest and his sons
           as priests  8:1-36
       B.  First sacrifices of the newly ordained priests  9:1-24
       C.  The Nadab and Abihu and consequent regulations
           for priests  10:1-20
 III.  Laws concerning what is clean and unclean  11:1-15:33
       A.  Clean and unclean animals  11:1-47
       B.  Purification following childbirth  12:1-8
       C.  Uncleanness from skin diseases and uncleanness in
           garments  13:1-59
       D.  Purification following skin diseases and purification
           of dwellings  14:1-57
       E.  Uncleanness from body discharges  15:1-33
  IV.  The Day of Atonement:purification from moral uncleanness  16:1-34
   V.  The Holiness Code:Laws for holy living  17:1-26:46
       A.  Killing animals for food  17:1-16
       B.  Purity in sexual relations and various life
           situations  18:1-19:37
       C.  Penalties for violations  20:1-27
       D.  Purity and wholeness in the lives of the priests and in
           sacrificial animals  21:1-22:33
       E.  The seven holy feasts  23:1-44
       F.  Pure oil and holy bread  24:1-9
       H.  Punishment for blasphemy  24:10-23
       I.  Blessings for obedience and curses for 
           disobedience  26:1-46
  VI.  The redemption of gifts and tithes  27:1-34

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