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   I.  Greeting to the twelve tribes   1:1
  II.  Prologue  1:2-18
       A.  Profiting from trials  1:2-8
       B.  Perspective of rich and poor  1:9-11
       C.  Loving God while enduring trials  1:9-18
 III.  Qualities needed  1:19,20
  IV.  Swift to hear 1:21-2:26
       A.  Be not only hearers, be doers of the word also  1:21-27
       B.  Don't be partial  2:1-13
       C.  Faith and works  2:14-26
   V.  Slow to speak  3:1-18
       A.  Control the tongue 3:1-12
       B.  Wisdom and speaking  3:13-18
  VI.  Slow to wrath  4:1-5:12
       A.  Be humble  4:1-10
       B.  Don't judge  4:11,12
       C.  Don't boast  4:13-17
       D.  Be patient  5:1-12
 VII.  Prayer and restoration  5:13-20                                 
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