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   I.  God has spoken through His Son  1:1-4
  II.  The superiority and sacrificial work of Christ  1:5-10:18      
       A.  Christ's superiority  1:5-7:28
           1.  His superiority to the angels  1:5-14
           2.  Exhortation to pay attention to the greater
               salvation   2:1-4
               Note: See the Five Warnings to the Hebrews
           3.  Christ as the perfect man   2:5-18
           4.  Christ, superior to Moses   3:1-6
           5.  Christ, superior to the rest of Israel  3:7-4:13
           6.  Christ, High Priest in the order of 
               Melchizdek  4:14-5:10
           7.  A rebuke for lack of understanding and 
               immaturity  5:11-6:20
           8.  The priesthood of Melchizdek  7:1-28
       B.  Christ, the minister and High Priest of the New 
	       Covenant 8:1-10:18
           1.  The New Covenant in relation to the old  8:1-9
           2.  The better covenant explained  8:10-13
           3.  The new sanctuary and perfect sacrifice  9:1-28
           4.  The New Covenant at work  10:1-18
 III.  Elements of Faith  10:19-13:17
       A.  Description of faith  10:19-25
       B.  Description of those who reject the faith  10:26-39
       C.  Examples of the life of faith  11:1-40
       D.  Christ, the supreme example of faith  12:1-4
       E.  The Fathers love made known thru chastening  12:5-11
       F.  Christian conduct under the New Covenant  12:12-29
       G.  Life in daily practice  13:1-17
  IV.  Final exhortation and farewell  13:18-25                        

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