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   I.  Introductions  1:1-9
       A.  Greeting  1:1-5
       B.  Condemnation of error  1:6-9
  II.  Defense of apostolic authority  1:10-2:21
       A.  Apostolic call: the divine source of Paul's gospel  1:10-16
       B.  Apostolic confirmation  1:17-2:21
 III.  Scriptural basis for the gospel message  3:1-4:31
       A.  Identifying the Old Testament roots of the gospel  3:1-25
       B.  Clarifying the meaning of the gospel: sonship vs.
           slavery  3:20-4:21
  IV.  Implications of the gospel message for Christian
         living  5:1-6:10 
       A.  Avoiding the extremes of legalism and licence  5:1-15
       B.  Walking in the power of the Holy Spirit  5:16-26
       C.  Serving one another according to the law of Christ 6:1-10
   V.  Conclusion 6:11-18
       A.  Personal signature  6:11
       B.  The church's problem: external legalism  6:12,13
       C.  The solution: the cross and the new creation  6:14,15
       D.  Benediction, request, and salutation  6:16-18                
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