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   I.  Introduction  1:1,2
  II.  Preeminence of Christ in the life of the Colossians  1:3-14
       A.  Paul's thanks for the Colossians' faith in Christ  1:3-8
       B.  Paul's prayer for the Colossians' understanding and
 III.  Preeminence of Christ in His nature and work  1:15-23
       A.  The divine nature of Christ  1:15-20
       B.  The glorious work of Christ  1:21-23
  IV.  Paul's ministry in general and for the Colossians  1:24-2:7
   V.  Preeminence of Christ over false religion  2:8-23
       A.  Superiority of Christ over false philosophy  2:8-15
       B.  Reality of Christ instead of false worship  2:16-19
       C.  Power of Christ vs. false asceticism  2:20-23
  VI.  Preeminence of Christ in Christian living  3:1-4:6
       A.  Christ the foundation of the believers' life  3:1-4
       B.  Virtues of the believer's life in Christ  3:5-17
       C.  Christ in relationships  3:18-4:6
           1.  Family relationships  3:18-21
           2.  Business relationships  3:22-4:1
           3.  Personal relationships  4:2-6
 VII.  Conclusion  4:2-6                                               
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