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   I.  Encouragement to faithfulness in spite of persecution  1:1-12
       A.  Salutation  1:1-2
       B.  Thankfulness for their faithfulness 1:3-5
       C.  Assurance of judgment on their persecutors  1:6-10
       D.  Prayer for their glorification  1:11,12
  II.  Explanations concerning the day of the Lord  2:1-17
       A.  Correction of the false teaching that the day of the Lord
           has already begun  2:1-2
       B.  Evidence that the day of the Lord has not begun  2:3-12
       C.  God's work in believers and the believers' response  2:13-17
 III.  Exhortation to continue in faithfulness to God  3:1-15
       A.  Desire for prayer and continued service for God  3:1-5
       B.  Idleness condemned  3:6-15
  IV.  Benediction of grace and peace  3:16-18                      

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