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2nd PETER    
  I.  The spiritual resources of a Christian  1:1-4
 II.  Essential Christian virtues  1:5-15
      A.  Efforts for Christian faithfulness  1:5-9
      B.  Conformation of election  1:10,11
      C.  Need for reminders  1:12-15
III.  Christ's divine authority  1:16-21
      A.  Witnessed by the apostles  1:16-18
      B.  Proven by divine prophecy  1:19-21
 IV.  False prophets and teachers  2:1-22
      A.  Some warnings against false teachers  2:1-3
      B.  Judgment against false teachers in the past  2:4-9
      C.  The immorality of false teachers  2:10-16
      D.  The uselessness of false teachings  2:17-22
  V.  Christ's return  3:1-18
      A.  The certainty of the day of the Lord  3:1-10
      B.  The ethical implications of the day of the Lord  3:11-16
      C.  The need to guard against error  3:17-18                     

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