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                     1st Timothy
   I.  Reminders in ministry 1:1-20
       A.  Warnings concerning doctrine  1:1-17
       B.  Warnings concerning good warfare  1:18-20
  II.  Regulations in ministry  2:1-3:16
       A.  Pray for all men  2:1-7
       B.  Men and women in church  2:8-15
       C.  Leadership qualifications  3:1-13
           1.  Qualifications of a bishop/pastor  3:1-7
           2.  Qualifications of a deacon  3:8-13
 III.  Ministry of Godliness  3:14-16
  IV.  Responsibilities in ministry  4:1-6:21
       A.  Personal responsibility  4:1-16
       B.  Responsibilities to various groups in the church  5:1-25
       C.  Final responsibilities of Timothy  6:1-21
	             2nd Timothy
   I.  Encouragement in the ministry  1:1-18
       A.  Using spiritual gifts  1:1-7
       B.  Suffering for the gospel  1:8-18
  II.  Examples in ministry  2:1-26
       A.  Comparisons to a soldier, an athlete, and a farmer 2:1-13
       B.  Challenge to handle Gods word accurately  2:14-26
 III.  Exhortations in ministry  3:1-17
       A.  Warnings of apostasy  3:1-9
       B.  Ways to face apostasy  3:10-19
  IV.  Encouragement in ministry 4:1-22
       A.  Preach the word  4:1-5
       B.  Final exhortations and encouragements  4:6-22                
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