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   I.  Thanksgiving for the Thessalonians' salvation  1:1-10
  II.  Paul's defense of his ministry in Thessalonica  2:1-12
       A.  His integrity in his ministry  2:1-4
       B.  His selfless and loving ministry  2:5-9
       C.  His blameless behavior  2:10-12
 III.  Prayer for spiritual growth  2:13-3:13
       A.  His concern for their suffering  2:13-16
       B.  His earnest desire to see them  2:17-20
       C.  His expression of love through Timothy  3:1-8
       D.  His prayer  3:9-13
  IV.  Paul's exhortation for their sanctification  4:1-12
       A.  His command that they abstain from sexual immorality  4:1-8
       B.  His exhortation to brotherly love rather than sexual
           impurity  4:9,10
       C.  His exhortation to proper Christian living  4:11,12
   V.  The return of Christ  4:13-18
  VI.  The day of the Lord  5:1-11
 VII.  Paul's concluding exhortations  5:12-28                         

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