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1st PETER    
   I.  Comfort and reassurance in suffering  1:1-25
       A.  Salutation  1:1-2
       B.  Reassurance in God's grace and salvation  1:3-12
       C.  Reassurance in holiness  1:13-25
  II.  Practical holiness  2:1-3:22
       A.  The foundation of holiness  2:1-3
       B.  Participation in a holy community  2:4-10
       C.  Unimpeachable living, the answer to persecution  2:11-3:13
       D.  Victory in unjust suffering  3:14-22
 III.  The spiritual significance in suffering  4:1-19
       A.  Physical suffering: a type of death to the flesh  4:1-6
       B.  Love for one another despite suffering  4:7-11
       C.  The purifying fires of persecution  4:12-19
  IV.  Divine love as a guide in church life  5:1-11
       A.  Elders rule in love  5:1-7
       B.  The devil to be resisted through grace  5:8-11
   V.  Closing salutation and benediction  5:12-14

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