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1st JOHN    
   I.  Message of eternal life  1:1-4
  II.  Foundation principles  1:5-2:11
       A.  Principles for fellowship with God  1:5-2:2
       B.  Principles for knowing God  2:3-11
 III.  Purpose of the letter  2:12-27
       A.  Motivations for John to write the letter  2:12-14
       B.  Love of the world versus love for God  2:15-17
       C.  The antichrist's denial that Jesus is the Christ  2:18-23
       D.  Abiding in God's word  2:24-27
  IV.  God's righteousness  2:28-4:6
       A.  Righteous living and abiding in God  2:28-3:3
       B.  Two classes of people: the righteous and the wicked  3:4-9
       C.  Two families: the children of God versus the children
           of the devil  3:10-15
       D.  Love and obedience: an indicator of belonging to
           Christ  3:16-23
       E.  Orthodox confession: an indicator of belonging to
           Christ  3:24-4:6
   V.  God's love  4:7-5:13
       A.  Love an indicator of a relationship with God  4:7-16
       B.  Mature love and assurance of salvation  4:17-19
       C.  The relationship between love for God and love for
           others  4:20-5:5
       D.  The Father's witness of Jesus  5:6-13
  VI.  Prayer and knowledge  5:14-21
       A.  Assurance produces confidence and concern in prayer  5:14-17
       B.  Proper knowledge  5:18-21

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