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In this catagory there is a section where books of the bible are outlined. There is also my notebook that contains notes and random thoughts from my bible reading. It also contains charts, studies and other items as they develop.

Bible Books Outlined
Old Testament
      Genesis   Exodus   Leviticus  Malachi   Micah

New Testament
     Acts   Colossians   1st Corinthians   2nd Corinthians   Ephesians   Galations
     Hebrews   James   John   1st John   2nd & 3rd John   Jude
     Luke   Matthew   Mark   1st Peter   2nd Peter   Philemon   Philipians
     Revelation   Romans   1st Thessalonians   2nd Thessalonians
     1st and 2nd Timothy   Titus

My Notebook
    A Fool's Prayer
    Help From The Bible
    Random Thoughts
    Rich or Poor
    Things We Say


This is a new site and and since I'll always be adding content I guess you can say it will always be under construction. So....check back often.


New and Updated Items


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